Barry Weir: Expert & Hero

It has been an incredible life for Barry Weir. Not only has he made a fortune in the mobile homes industry, an area in which he is still respected in to this day, but he also once saved a life.

Barry Weir became very successful in the UK with his Barry Weir park homes business. After making a fortune in park homes, Barry Weir retired in 2007 and eventually became the leading authority on England’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013, which officially went into effect in spring 2014.

Many concerned park homes owners turned to Barry Weir for advice and consultation when the Mobile Homes Act went into effect, and Barry Weir helped ease their worries by letting them know that most mobile home park site owners wouldn’t be affected by the new legislation. When it came to park homes, Barry Weir assured them that they were typically owned and operated by professional and responsible managers.

And while Barry Weir saved mobile home park site owners a lot of stress and worry that almost pales in comparison to the time he saves someone’s life.

Barry Weir and his wife, Roma, were walking along the beach one day in February 2010 when they saw a man who at first looked like he was just playing in the surf. But Barry Weir quickly realized something wasn’t right. The man they were looking at was wearing a full black suit. Next thing Barry knew, the man was lying face down on the beach with the tide crashing against him.

Barry Weir jumped to action right away and called the coastguard on his cellphone. But even before emergency response could arrive, Barry didn’t think twice about rushing over to help save the man.

“It was just second nature, really,” Barry Weir said.

Besides his immense knowledge of park homes, Barry Weir is someone most would call a motor car expert. His passion for motor cars led him to participate in an around-the-world road rally in 2000, which he wrote about in “Driving Ambition: An Adventure of a Lifetime.” The book, authored by Barry Weir himself, is part memoir and part an account of his journey around the world.

Barry Weir is truly a man that can be relied upon for his knowledge on many subjects and his quick thinking. He sure has lived a fulfilling life while impacting many others along the way.